Octavia overview

Octavia has stayed true to its social purpose for more than 150 years as we have continued the pioneering work of our founder, Octavia Hill, in providing homes, support and care for people in central and west London.

Operating in some of the most expensive parts of the capital, we have built on this legacy through our unique offer that puts people and communities first. We seek to be an exemplar in providing good quality, affordable homes that enable people on lower incomes to live in London. We believe in supporting the diverse neighbourhoods we serve so that people can live well, be independent, make connections and thrive.

We deliver equality through homes, support and opportunity, supporting vibrant communities and better lives for all.  As stewards of a proud legacy dating back to 1865, we will continue to build and provide sustainable homes and places for future generations to enjoy and be proud of, for the common good.

Octavia provides thousands of people in London with good quality, affordable, sustainable and well-managed homes, alongside care and support services and community projects.

We are founding member of Placeshapers, a network of housing associations who share a common ethos to put residents and customers at the heart of everything we do.

Watch our Good Homes, Better Lives video to find out about more about how our work improves people's lives.

Good Homes, Better Lives

We help thousands of people in London live happily, independently and with the care they need. Our work covers three areas:


We build homes, manage homes and provide affordable homes for people who need them. And not just any homes. Like our founder, Victorian philanthropist Octavia Hill, we believe good homes make for better lives. So we go out of our way to create spaces people will thrive in.


People need extra help for all sorts of reasons, at different times in their lives. So we work with Londoners of all ages to build confidence, connections and community. From training and confidence building for young people to befriending schemes and activities for older people. Our work is holistic, personal – and in many cases – transformational. Like Octavia Hill, we are entrepreneurial in how we fund and support this work, with help from volunteers and money raised from our charity shops.


We look after older and vulnerable adults in many different ways, providing everything from 24-hour care to regular company and a chance for interaction. We also offer outreach services, so we can visit and connect with others across our neighbourhood.

Throughout everything we do lies one core belief: that mixed communities are stronger communities, and that everyone deserves the same chances in life. We are for hope. For happiness.

For equality. For the common good. Since 1865.