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Social isolation and loneliness can be experienced by anyone, whatever their age or situation. In London, the problem is particularly acute due to a growing older population and the large number of people who live alone. A 2013 ComRes study identified that 52% of Londoners said they feel lonely. More widely, according to Office for National Statistics data, Britons are least likely to have strong friendships or know their neighbours.

For older people, retirement, the loss of a partner or children moving away can all lead to feelings of isolation. This age group is also particularly vulnerable to loss of friends and family, mobility or income. For younger people, loneliness can arise when they move out of home and have yet to establish their own networks of family and friends. If they are unemployed, the situation can be even more difficult.

Alleviating loneliness and improving the quality of life of older and younger people is a key theme of Octavia’s work.

The Reed

Situated in the heart of Notting Hill, The Reed is a modern and lively space for older adults and younger people to socialise, learn new skills and develop new interests. It brings together the experience and expertise of a number of local partners to provide local people with a diverse range of activities and opportunities. It includes Base@theReed, a brand new digital media facility equipped with industry standard film and music production equipment, a café and large activity space.

  • The Reed is an Octavia development supported by The Friends of Kensington Day Centre, Open Age, The Octavia Foundation and Octavia Support with generous funding from the Reed Family Foundation.

To find out more about services for older people at The Reed, click here

To find out more about services for younger people at The Reed, click here

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