Elm Road, Wembley

Regeneration is something we are firmly committed to, and the Elm Road scheme, located in the heart of Wembley town centre, is an important component in the overall regeneration of the area, spurred on by the new Stadium. On this project we worked in close partnership with the London Borough of Brent. 

Elm Road is an example of our strong financial standing. We were in a position to purchase and develop the land ourselves; the site was acquired and added to our land bank in 2001.

This Octavia development is a high density, mixed tenure scheme that meets government objectives by promoting sustainable development based on good housing design in an appropriate location. It maximises land use in an urban area, has good access to public transport, local employment opportunities and is in close proximity to shops and other local services.

This 121 residential unit scheme, together with commercial space and two levels of underground car parking completed in 2008. Affordable housing makes up 79% of the scheme, comprising 53 rented units and 42 units for shared ownership, as well as 26 units for private sale.

This was our first scheme with residential units for private sale.

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