20 July 2021

#KeepTheLifeline Campaign Pledge of Support

Keep lifeline carer

As we look to rebuild our society, ‘level up’ and ‘build back better’, we are urging the government to rethink their decision to cut Universal Credit this October. The extra money generated through the weekly top up - worth around £1,000 a year - has made the difference for some families between getting by and falling further into poverty.

With underlying inequalities exacerbated by the economic effects of the pandemic, this support has proved vital in helping many Octavia residents to meet their everyday needs. £87.00 per month is a significant amount of money and in some cases is the difference between buying food and paying for fuel.

Cutting Universal Credit will have a huge impact on low-income families and individuals, hampering their chances of getting their lives back on track after what has been a difficult period for many. That is why we are asking the government to protect these people by backing the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s #KeepTheLifeLine campaign.

Find out how you can help and pledge your support here: https://www.placeshapers.org/keepthelifeline-pledge/