8 September 2014

Octavia tenants tour Houses of Parliament

Parliament visit

On Friday 5 September Octavia residents visited the Houses of Parliament in Westminster courtesy of Karen Buck MP. A small group of residents and some staff thoroughly enjoyed their private guided tour of the various historical halls and hearing about the history of the monarchy and beyond.

A highlight from the tour was visiting the prestigious House of Lords and House of Commons.

Attendees included a mix of involved residents, from Chairs of Resident Associations, Resident Inspectors, TSG members, younger residents and residents who had expressed an interest to be involved at resident events held earlier in the year.

Grahame Hindes, Chief Executive of Octavia said: "this was a unique opportunity for some of our more involved residents to access the Houses of Parliament and ask questions to one of our most active local MPs. I am pleased that they were given such an opportunity"

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