16 September 2015

A Life More Noble - Octavia's new book

A Life More Life

What does it mean to live a noble life? A new book from Octavia sets out to find some answers.

Nobility is not a word that comes naturally to twenty-first century lips - it sounds archaic, even pompous. Can it be retrieved? Dr Rowan Williams

With contributions from Octavia residents and staff members alongside high-profile contributors such as Ian Hislop, the Rt Hon. Alan Johnson MP, Tamsin Greig, Deborah Meaden and Grayson Perry, A Life More Noble marks the 150th anniversary of our founder Octavia Hill buying her first property to let to poor Londoners.

It explores a phrase she used to describe her ambition in life: to ‘make individual life noble, homes happy and family life good’.

Is that mission still relevant 150 years on?

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer - we need a modern-day Octavia to get us back on track. Maxine Peake

At a time when the extent and range of welfare support is under scrutiny, and London is increasingly unaffordable for many, we have set out to create a timely read which asks: 'what would a contemporary Octavia Hill make of all this?'

The book is only £9.99 - and all profits are going to the Octavia Foundation to support vulnerable people in west and central London.

Visit our website lifemorenoble.co.uk for more details. Don't forget to watch the trailer too!

The book is available for order online on Amazon and Waterstones. It is also available in Octavia Foundation charity shops and selected booksellers including Daunt Books.